Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Sunrise Horse Farm hosted their yearly event. I'm so glad that
I was able to attend!  I met this donkey there and we became fast
friends! Who couldn't just love that face. :)
As Mary Ann is spinning, she told me about the interesting history of this craft.
Her yarn threads were so even--what skill! She has even made items
for friends who have lost a beloved dog. (All that spinning
takes place out side, because dog hair will end up all over the house. Unlike sheep's wool.)

These men are working the crafts that would be forgotten except for those
with respect and interest in such skills. They were very
interesting and knowledgeable!

No, the man to the left is not Mario!

Thank you Second Chance Ranch Rescue for bringing your petting zoo.
The animals were sweet and very comfortable with us human types!

You should have heard these two grunting with pleasure as their tummies were
bring rubbed! Very funny!

This one is friendly - just don't wear anything shiny. Shiny stuff is fair game!

Sheep and goats just mingling together! Everyone enjoyed.

This was one of the several groups or singers who preformed throughout the day. 
Also, very talented!

People were having fun all over the place! Some bought bunnies too.

Well, there is from right to left: Marry Ellen Kiel and Rosie Cyr and myself.
I hope you are able to attend next year. It helps to fund the Sunrise Horse Farm which offers community service to those in need of a touch of love from horses.
She even has a blind horse there! If you desire to
do any community service-- this would be an excellent place
to offer your time and attention!
Thanks much!

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