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Visualization, Focus, Camera Angles:  Keys to Unlocking Writer’s Block? is our topic this month.  Our very own Sarah Grosskoph will teach our class. Can you imagine the strength this lessen will offer your writing? Let’s experience the amazing writing journey picture perfect clarity and inspiration!

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Monday, September 4, 2017

"Mail-Order Marriage Promise" by Regina Scott

This Love Inspired 1874 Historical is a story of betrayal, lost dreams, and self-discovery. I found Dottie Tyrrell’s situation unique and refreshing concerning this different situation presented. If you enjoy reading a story about a woman suffering a difficult and shameful situation that she must overcome—you will enjoy this read. I applaud Regina for her hero, John Wallin, being a good guy who is very pleasant from the onset of the story! I appreciate this hero and his personal struggles and delight in his successes. Likable characters and a moving storyline laced with historical time period are so important to me. I was enmeshed in this story.

How varied the brothers and sisters-in-law represented in the Wallin family tree are! Yes, Mail-Order Marriage Promise is another Wallin family story, which is from the FRONTIER BACHELORS series. I think this world needs a lot more stories like these for they are winsome and wholesome. This enjoyable read from Regina Scott is one that I recommend completely! I hope that Mail-Order Marriage Promise will adorn your book shelves and be a feel-good read for you as it is for me. Regina is certainly a favorite author for me. I have never been disappointed in her stories!

Questions for Regina:

1)      I’ve never read about a heroine’s situation like this and I applaud you for the freshness of this story, Regina.  Without revealing her circumstances was there a current situation that inspired you for this story problem?

No current situation, but an historical one. One of our ancestors actually faced this problem, although the husband wasn’t a horrid fellow like Frank Reynolds, just a man who made poor choices and lived to regret it, as did his family. That ancestor ended up with a happy ending, falling in love and marrying a fine man too.

2)      What is your favorite character quality about the hero, John?

I think of John as a noble, like a knight of old. John always tries to do the right thing, the best thing, even though it might cost him something personally.

3)      Did the railroad scene really happen in Seattle, Washington?

Yes, it did! There are several wonderful accounts in period newspapers as well as Clarence Bagley’s history of Seattle. When I was researching for this story, I had originally intended to se it in 1875, but when I read about the railroad picnic, I knew I had to use it in a book. I love when history provides us with such rich details!

4)       Do you have another Wallin story to tell in the near future?

Yes, I’m glad to report that both Levi Wallin and his sister Beth will have their stories told. Levi’s book, His Frontier Christmas Family, will be out in December, and Beth’s book, Frontier Matchmaker Bride, will be out next March.

5)      What is your next novel that you will have published?

Besides Levi’s book, one of my older books will be reissued as an e-book in November—It’s a novella that’s had different names (“A Place by the Fire,” “The Mistletoe Kitten”), but because it’s tied to the Uncommon Courtship series, it will come out as An Uncommon Christmas. It tells the story of how a small black kitten and a lonely little girl reunite a governess with her former love at Christmas.

6)      How do you wish for your readers to contact you?

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Mail-Order Marriage Promise, Love Inspired Historical September 2017
The Heiress Objective,  Spy Matchmaker #3, August 2017