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Silver Bells by Deborah Raney

Deborah Raney’s wholesome Summerside Press novel takes the reader back to winter in the early 1970s.  A young woman, Michelle Penn, has decided to take a job and an apartment to become independent. She has moved on from a past heartbreak or has she?
Robert Merrick III was a popular student when he and Michelle attended high school together. Their paths had never really crossed…before now. Will Rob find the courage to pursue his deepest desires?
Deborah Raney has authored more than twenty-five books! She has won the RITA Award, ACFW Carol Award, HOLT Medallion, National Reader’s Choice Award, Silver Angel, and has twice been a Christy award finalist. She also wrote a book, which became a movie called A Vow to Cherish.  I’ve not had the pleasure to see it yet, but I’ve heard that it is a must-see!

Hush now…don’t tell a soul, but I’m sort of a child from the ‘70s. A little later in the ‘70s of course, but I remember the songs and the small town coziness that most of us may long for and which Deb has captured in this novel. I loved the diverse characters and the roles they play in this sweet novel. I enjoyed this read so much that I laughed aloud several times! Silver Bells is a fun, enjoyable read that touches on some very serious issues. If you are old enough to have lived through the ‘70s this is a nice stroll down memory lane. I suggest that Silver Bells rings with promise and would make a wonderful Christmas present for someone on your gift list.

1.     Deb, how did you come up with this story?

Parts of it are MY story. Simply because, as you mentioned, it’s set in the ‘70s when I grew up. But also, I share some of Michelle’s history: I grew up on a farm, attended Kansas State University, worked in a small-town newspaper office, and in more recent years, have worked with homeless or struggling young moms and their families through volunteering in a homeless shelter.

2.    These characters are very different from one another making their interactions fun. Did you model them from any people that you know?

In my first two or three books, most of my characters looked the same—they were ME! But I quickly realized that if I was going to be writing for more than a few books, I would need to learn how to create unique characters for each book. So for the last eighteen years or so, my characters are created “from scratch.” I can’t really explain how that happens. I’m a seat-of-the-pants writer, and my characters seem to just develop as I write the story.

3.    Do you use Briggs and Meyers for your character’s development?

I have played with those kind of character development tools in the past, along with filling out character trait sheets, or using real people I know. But my seat-of-the-pants tendencies make it more natural for my characters to simply form and grow as the story does.

4.    Is Bristol, Kansas a real place or did you make it up?
I rarely write about real towns, simply because if I have my characters eating at the Hitchin’ Post Cafe, by the time my book releases, the Hitchin’ Post may have closed down. Also, in small towns like those I set my  novels in, there is only one mayor, one principal, one postmaster, one bank president, so writing about those characters in your novel, could get you in trouble with the real life counterparts. I do usually set my fictional small towns near a real larger city. My characters might travel to Wichita or Salina, or Cape Girardeau, etc. to give readers some context, but my small towns are always fictional.

5.    I could imagine another romance coming from this Christian Romance story and these characters…but the readers will have to read your novel to see if they can figure out whom I mean! Do you have a sequel in mind?

Ha! I almost always have MORE to the story than the reader will ever see. I have several novels I’d love to write sequels to, but a sequel is largely determined by my other contracts (ie., by the time I fulfill my contracts, it might be too late for a sequel), by who owns the rights to the book and whether they are willing to publish a sequel, and of course, by how well the first book sold. In the case of Silver Bells, the publisher, Summerside Press, was bought by Guideposts shortly after my book came out.

6.    What ways do you wish for your readers to contact you?

I very much enjoyed learning about Deb’s involvement with struggling young mothers  and volunteering in a homeless shelter. Her struggling character rang true as I read about this lady and her situation. Deb is offering a give away! You only have to leave an email in a post so that you may be considered. I will not sell your email or address information to marketing agencies. This offer only applies to United States addresses.Thank you Deb for a very positive interview and for a lovely and entertaining story…one that matters. 

The winner will be announced on Monday, December 29! Let the posting begin! 

The Christmas Story in 40 Days - Author interview and book give away!

Devotions by Chris Loehmer Kincaid

Greetings all,
I have in my hand Chris Loehmer Kincaid’s—Life Sentence Publishing LLC devotional, The Christmas Story in 40 Days. This devotional provides some unique qualities for the reader. First off, have you ever considered the early life of Jesus before—especially in devotion style? Well Chris has in an enjoyable, easy to read fashion. The Bible quotes are from the The Message:The Bible in Contemporary Language by NavPress.
In addition to Chris’s down to earth—sitting across from you with a cup of coffee approach—she provides a place for the reader to share their thoughts, If they want to! The lines of space after the devotion are roomy and easy to write in, so that the reader can capture their first reaction to the scripture and Chris’s comments. Yes, this is a delightful addition to the usual devotional set-up.

The Christmas Story in 40 Days would make a nice gift for Christmas or birthdays. It definitely shares a warmth and glow that can only come from someone who truly and devoutly loves the Lord with her whole heart. Thank you, Chris, for sharing these wonderful thoughts and kingdom building glimpses. 

1. Chris when did you start working on this devotion? 
 I love answering this question! Back in the fall of 2008 both of my children were away at college and I wanted to send them something to help them prepare for the Christmas season. I started looking for a book that would tell the Christmas story in language that they would understand and learn from. I thought, there must be a devotional out there that would fit the bill. When I found no such book, I decided, why don't I write a daily devotion and email it to them. I counted the days on the calendar; 41 days until Christmas. Perfect! I would write a Bible verse and add my thoughts to it each day and then email it to my children and a few friends. That was the start of The Christmas Story in 40 Days. It went through many revisions since then and many of the passages are not recognizable from those first ones I emailed out years ago. Even though it is a short book, I have not been able to pull off writing a book in 40 days since then. But when I am really stumped as to what to write, God guides my fingers across the keyboard until I have written what he intends me to.

2. Your blogs(The Dino Chronicles and writing what i can when i can ) are so refreshing and I see you maintain that friendly conversational expression in this devotion collection.  Where do you come up with the time to work on all of these?
 I listen to my co-workers talk about what happened on The Bachelor the night before or who they think should win Dancing with Stars or how bad the Monday night football game was, and I ask myself, is that all you have to do with your evenings? There are so many other things to do with one's time. And I spend my spare time in my home office, writing, blogging, researching and quite often just plain surfing the internet. In addition to my writing and working full-time in a medical clinic, I mentor a local kinship girl, sponsor a Compassion child, write to my church's college students, and am the vice chairman for my daughter's nonprofit organization, Tumaini Volunteers. Earlier this fall I wrote my church's children's Christmas program and for the month of December am working on pulling that all together. I don't share all this to brag, I share it so that others will realize that, yes, there are enough hours in the day, you just need to prioritize. And for me, that is doing what helps others the most. 

3. Do you have plans for more devotions in the future?
  I'm glad you asked. My publisher, Life Sentence Publishing, released the e-book version of my second devotional on December 9 and the paperback version should be available after December 15. "The Early Life of Jesus in 40 Days" is the second book in the 40 day devotional series. This new book shares the life of Jesus from just after he is born until he is a 12-year-old. You may have guessed that more books are the horizon. I have the verses chosen for the third book; I hope to start writing on it in earnest after the first of the year. 

4. What are your other publications and plans for publications?
My first book, "A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven", is a memoir of my first trip to Africa in 2006. It was also published by Life Sentence Publishing. This fall I finished writing a novel which was inspired by experiences in Kenya and the love I have for the people there. 

5. How can your readers connect with you?  Or purchase your books?
You can purchase my books through, Barnes and Noble or Life Sentence Publishing. You can also send me a personal email and I can mail you a signed copy. My email address is You can also connect with me via my Facebook page, ; my website,, ; or my blog,

The good news is that this is also a book give away! 
What we need is for the readers to post their contact info (email) so that Chris or I can inform them that they have won a book and get their address so that it can be sent to them. The winner's email and address will not be sold to marketing agencies. Now Chris, which book do you wish to give away to the person who is fortunate enough to win one?

I will offer a copy of either book, "The Christmas Story in 40 Days" or the newest book, "The Early Life of Jesus in 40 Days", which ever the lucky winner would like.

Excellent! Now you all have the information you need. I always look forward to finding out who the lucky winner will be! Monday December 29th we will announce the winner! Let the comments begin!

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My Favorite FALL Memory
By Susan Marlene Kinney
Pens of Praise – November 17, 2014

One crisp, fall evening I strapped on my boots and stepped into a decision that would define my life forever! It all started when I was determined that I could convince a friend that he was wrong and I was right. But first, I had to visit his church – to be fair- and get on with winning our on-going, yet good natured argument.
Icy air chilled my face as I admired the radiant orange, yellow, and red tones painting oak and maple leaves, which lined the side streets as we headed to our destination. Descending temperatures did nothing to lessen the sweetness of that memorable Sunday night in November of 1979.
My newly acquired friend, Joe, had shared a lot about being ‘born again’ and I shared a lot about religion and knowing the ‘right’ information. Soon we came to the decision that I should visit his church before further discussion continued. We entered Wildwood Chapel and my heart began to race. For such a large church it was quite friendly and full for an evening meeting. The music stirred and my heart soared with worship like I’d never experienced. It was lively, focused, and uplifting to be there among so many who were not ashamed to show their love for the King of Kings. And the preaching was with authority and applicable for daily living. Once the pastor started to pray discomfort exploded inside me and my heart thudded an uncomfortable beat. He offered an alter call and many people moved to the front near the podium. This was also a new experience for me. I’d never been a part of anything so freely worshipful and amazing.

But it was when he said there was one more girl whom the Lord was calling to Himself that my heart began pounding so hard that I expected everyone around me to hear it’s treacherous beating. It was hard to admit that I was wrong and that Joe was right, but I decided to put my head down and move past him toward the front. I was prayed for in the most wonderful and personal way. It was then that I asked Jesus into my heart. The most wonderful sense of belonging filled me and overflowed. That sensation of daughterhood has continued to flourish and deepen over the years. Even during  times when I ‘ve felt so undeserving and common. And times I’ve felt like a disappointment to others. He has always been faithful to fill me with His presence as He guides my path. What a wonderful exchange took place that November evening, so long ago, when I’d accepted His free gift of love, which replaced my unworthy works and a blurry desire to be good enough. It was a FALL I’ve thought of ever after. A FALL I will never forget or regret. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Christian Writers Group

Next meeting will be…
Monday, November 17, 2014   6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Faith Church
2201  42nd Street, Manitowoc, WI  54220
                            Faith Church is located next to Festival Foods, not far from the Manitowoc exit off Interstate 43
Anyone wanting to contribute to the Holy Tales Project you can email your stories and or poems to Susan Kinney at

Warning you may end up loving to write!
Visit a local shop and bring your coffee or cappuccino with you.

We will provide a “surprise teaching” – okay I’ve not decided what to teach yet! LOL! We can also peruse the value of writing conferences and even revisit anything we taught this past year. And we can talk about writing contests. Come and see what we will discuss…it may just surprise us all! 

PROMPT – Write about your favorite FALL memory. Use Fall’s amazing colors and scents…this can be about a person, an achievement you accomplished, or lesson learned from the Almighty…whatever you wish to share.

You may also share a five minute reading of your work in progress.
If you have questions or concerns contact Becky McLafferty  or  Susan Kinney.

Let us know if you’re attending, so we can save a seat just for you.

We look forward to seeing you there! May God bless you richly and always as you write for His glory!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Becky McLafferty sent this wonderful announcement via email to our Pens of Praise Writers/Readers group. You also are invited to join in the fun with this very clever read. Let me know how you enjoyed Carol Cox's novel -- if you do join our reading adventure. I hope that you do! 

COME AND JOIN THE PENS OF PRAISE FICTION GROUP!! At last night's meeting, we decided on a humorous story for our next "read and review"...LOVE IN DISGUISE by Carol Cox. Here is the cover and short synopsis...Please feel free to join us, even if you haven't done so in the past. We will announce our next meeting, to discuss this book, in about a month...Let us know if you are reading the book...we will make sure the meeting is scheduled on a evening when all readers can attend!! :) 

Thank you for once again hosting our group at your beautiful home, Kathy Leist!! Your pumpkin cream cheese bars are marvelous!! 

I want to include:
The blurb on the back cover of this BethanyHouse novel reads:
Can she solve the crime before they uncover HER TRUE IDENTITY?
Jobless and down to her last dime, Ellie Moore hears about a position with the Pinkerton Detective Agency and believes it's the perfect chance to put her acting skills and costumes to use.  Reluctantly, the agency agrees to give her one assignment, one chance to prove herself. Disguised as Lavinia Steward, a middle-aged widow, Ellie travels to Arizona to begin her investigation. When the need arises, she also transforms into the dazzling Jessie Monroe, whose vivacious personality encourages people to talk. 
Mine owner Steven Pierce is going to lose his business if he can't figure out who's stealing his silver shipments. In his wildest dreams, he never expected to receive help from a gray-haired widow...or to fall in love with her beautiful niece. 
Then the thieves come after Lavinia and Jessie. Ellie isn't safe no matter which character she plays! Should she give up and reveal her true identity? What will Steven do when he realizes the woman he's falling in love with doesn't really exist?
Set in 1880's Arizona, Love in Disguise blends romance, humor, and mystery for a can't-put-down read. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pens of Praise, October 20,, 2014 Meeting
By Susan Marlene Kinney

Should I do…or maybe…..well, then there is…..

Decisions can be complicated and challenging when they are mine to make. If they belong to someone else they are quite untangled from my emotions and even easy to discern. Plus, I have the added benefit of not knowing all those messy details that cloud the issues at hand. For the person with the ‘in the valley-eyes view, instead of a preferred birds-eye view, the impact of those choices can seem to carry the weight of–generations can be ruined—if the wrong choice is made.

What should I do then if an unsavory situation or person tries to push into my space? Something or someone uncalled for, unwanted, and even intimidating. First, don’t follow that adrenaline rush pumping in the veins, pushing to run with the first idea that comes to mind. Next, don’t heed that angry squabbling voice, which pushes to dominate…no matter how protective and how in-control those words may feel. Notice the previous ‘pushes’ for what they are, but sit quiet instead. Calm that racing heart. Breathe deep and ask YAHWEH ROI  yah-WEH row-EE (The Lord is My Shepherd) to lead. I find it most unsettling at first—this fighting that first reaction and my desire to flee. Consciously focusing on lengthening and deepening my very breaths, forcing my mind to consider what wisdom He may drop into my spirit, I find that waiting for His calm to take over is worth the fight.

Recently, I pursued these steps. This took some effort on my part. I found my struggling spirit wanting to react, but I prayed instead. Lord your will be accomplished here. I didn’t have the time or energy to deal with what I thought could happen. Fear kept peeking over the edge of my dining room table, around the computer as I typed, teasing me as I tried to fall asleep, and distracting me from my want-to-do-it-for-the-Lord list. I decided that He was more interested in my safety and health and peace then even I was. So, I asked Him to only allow the situation to happen if it was beneficial. But, if it was not His will that He would block it from happening.  Peace that comes from surrender filled me slowly and guess what, that situation was blocked. I stand amazed again at the Shepherd of my soul. As in Psalm 23, He does lead me…if I will but follow…to lie in green pastures, next to quiet waters and yes He restores my soul, He guides me in the path of righteousness for His name’s sake. It matters not what troubles arise for He is there and He prepares a table for me in the presence of my enemies and anoints my head with oil…yes indeed, my cup overflows…

Oh Lord and Shepherd of my soul, calm my racing thoughts and heart. Help me focus on Your grace and wisdom for my difficult situations. Life is hard, but I desire to lean upon Your strength and love to guide my choices and decisions, so that You will be glorified for Your kindness and sovereignty over my life. Amen

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Next meeting— Monday, October 20th 6:30 p.m.
2201 42ND Street, Manitowoc, WI  54220
Faith Church is located next to Festival Foods
Not far from the Manitowoc exit off Interstate 43

This month’s teaching, “How To Keep Your Story In Gear & Story Crafting" is taught by Susan Kinney. Susan writes at her blog.,, and
 and you can find her on FaceBook as Sue Kinney. She is also a Co-founder of Pens of Praise Christian Writer’s Group. Come and learn about these important topics inspired by a Writer’s Digest article and writers pinging ideas off of other writers for their novel plots! What is unique about the story you wish to tell and how do you keep it rolling to avoid the sagging middle? Bring some story ideas to work with the group if you want to and see the brilliance of plotting with a group of creative thinkers!

The prompt for this month is, Devotion–written in story, devotion or poetry style.” We can use what we learned last month to write this month’s prompt for a five minute share. You may view the How to Write a Devotion teaching on
Also, you may bring a page from your latest work in progress, if you’d like some fresh ears and eyes for a gentle critique. We are a safe place to share, learn, and grow.

Let us know if you are attending, so that we will have a seat ready just for you! This allows us to set up enough seats before our meeting begins.

Visit a local coffee shop or bring some home brewed coffee or tea along with you.
Warning!!! You may end up LOVING to write!
Thank you Kathy Leist for all the baking you do for our group! You are certainly talented with a pen and recipe! We adore you!

God’s blessings upon you as you write for His glory!

The photo was taken at Becky McLafferty's Country Memories Farm Christian Writer's Conference.  

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Laura Frantz--Critique, Interview and Book Give Away



Laura Frantz did it again….my fingers couldn’t resist flipping pages well into the night as Ellie and Jack’s story unfolded. My second reading this year of Love’s Awakening did not lose it's luster. Laura intricately weaves the strengths, weaknesses, and situations of each character—driving me to distraction with concern and curiosity. Her deeply layered characters and the society in which they live nearly come alive on the page! She wields her pen so skillfully with such natural flair that I easily envision that I’m stepping onto the nineteenth century streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The fragrance of blooms and tension from danger—lurking just around the corner, as well as the joys and frustrations born naturally from human relationships kept me captivated. This Ballantyne Legacy novel absolutely lacks nothing in comparison with the first of the series, Love’s Reckoning.  Now that book three, Love’s Fortune, is published my advice to you is to run out and purchase them all-- if you have not bought the other two previously. I could read this novel till the pages fallout from overuse and not find myself bored.

Questions for Laura:

1.      Laura, how did you come up with Ellie Ballantyne and Jack Turlock’s personalities?  (Were their personalities inspired by anyone that you know?  Or maybe a combination of a few people?) 
LAURA - For Ellie, I tried to create a blend of her father and mother, Silas and Eden, yet made her the baby of the conflict which brought some conflict. Jack is a real man’s man, capable of great tenderness but saddled with an ungodly legacy. I’m not sure where Jack came from as he’s so very different than my usual godly heroes, but he’s wonderfully redeemable!

2.      Ellie and Jack’s story is so different from Eden and Silas’s story and yet so connected. Was it difficult deciding how this second story played out? 
LAURA- The tricky part was having the story take off in a direction I never intended, mainly the Underground Railroad theme. Yet it seemed to fit with Silas and Eden’s nature and those that followed them since Pennsylvania was such a pivotal state in terms of slave activity/abolitionists. Having the Turlocks support slavery and the Ballantynes dead set against it added to the story’s tension, or so I hope!

3.      I imagine that the span of research you accomplished for this series was massive. Was there a time-period you favored? 
LAURA - Yes, the research was quite daunting though I left 98% of what I learned out of the novel. Every era in this series fascinated me and each was vastly different, but I must say my love for the 18th-century and Silas and Eden’s day won out.

4.      Did this span of years effect how easily (or not) it was for you to write this story entitled Loves Awakening?
LAURA - Jumping 30 years or so between stories is hard to do both for the author and the reader as so very much is left out. But I tried to focus on the historical events that made the 1780’s and then the 1820’s unique and interesting.

5.      When do you gather photos of people that remind you of your characters as you imagine them? Your Pinterest collection is amazing! 
LAURA -Pinterest ( a virtual feast for me and by far my favorite form of social media if it can even be called that. I am constantly fed a stream of beautiful images that pertain to the story or give me ideas for another. Truly inspirational!
6. I saw your blog ( and I clicked on the trailer for your third book, Loves Fortune. You seem very involved with the design for your cover. Have you been that active in the design of the other two books in this series? 

LAURA - The credit for my involvement goes to photographer/designer Brandon Hill who is a very gracious, hands-on artist. He invited me into the studio for the cover shoot of Love’s Fortune and then we decided to maximize the day by creating a video, thanks to my publisher, Revell. It was a real thrill meeting the model that was my Wren (heroine) and also putting my paws on that lovely, historic gown. Truly a once in a lifetime experience! I’m so thankful.

7.      Laura was there anything more that you wanted to share with us about Ellie and Jack or other characters in this novel?
LAURA - I wanted to create two families, the Turlocks and the Ballantynes, that were quite opposite and left very different legacies, much like families today. The Camerons also come in in book 3, taking the story in a new direction.

8.      Would you suggest any historical sites to see in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh for those history buffs who can’t get enough? 
LAURA - Oh, how I love those 2 cities which are vastly different in terms of history. If you’re a colonial lover, Philadelphia is top notch with the Betsy Ross house and Elfreth’s Alley, Independence Hall and Christ Church. Pittsburgh has more of a frontier feel with Fort Pitt and the three rivers. Taking the railway between the two is an amazing way to see this richly historic, beautiful state!

9.      Everyone reading this post can visit for the interview we did on Loves Reckoning last year in August 2013. (I loved Laura’s answers and examples she shared!) I invite any interested parties to read her last interview to learn more about the Ballantyne Legacy!

10.  Do you have a favorite novel from this series? Why if you do? 
LAURA - Each of these books is like a child to me so they’re each dear to me for different reasons. But I know readers have favorites of the 3 which always mystifies yet delights me!

11.  Do you wish to tell us about your next novel or series you are working on? 
LAURA - I return to the 18th-century for a story set just after the Revolutionary War in Virginia. Cover art and titling are being decided now, my favorite part of the process.

12.  How do you want your readers and interested parties to contact you?

This is Laura's latest Ballantyne Legacy available in the stores this month! I've started my read and I invite you to begin yours!


To be a part of the book give away  please leave a comment with your email so that Laura can send you a signed copy of  her book! I wish you all could win and so does Laura...she is big hearted that way but only one of you can...maybe it will be you!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Devoted
By Susan Marlene Kinney
Pens of Praise Devotion      September 9, 2014

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1: 14 NKJV

Names like Joseph, Abraham, Esther, and Job; Jesus, Matthew, and Peter, bring to mind biblical happenings, words which paint the picture of courage, faith, and overcoming. The rich reality of their circumstances, though they happened decades ago, redirected my steps and bent my decisions to follow paths less traveled by.
These stories’ importance, warm my blood with hope and longing. When I turn the crinkling pages of my New King James Bible, I watch Jesus inspire and lead the masses. His down to earth tales finger the hearts of His listeners as He weaves their experience and understanding of day to day existence into eternal patterns and focus. Jesus used the power of story to lead our understanding over the bridge spanning the gap between heaven and earth.
And onto the ultimate survival.

An Old Testament hero, whom I treasure, is Joseph. Near the end of his story he speaks with all the love and courage of a man who knows his God. Joseph spoke to his brothers and said, “Do not be afraid, for am I in the place of God? But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive. Now therefore do not be afraid, I will provide for you and your little ones.” And he comforted them and spoke kindly to them. Genesis 50:19 – 21

In the beginning of Joseph’s story, his prophetic dream afforded a glimpse of what was to come. Life for Joseph unfolded in a way that he never would have expected. In spite of not understanding why the many trials and separation from his family happened, Joseph remained faithful to the knowledge that God was God. He was devoted to the Lord. Joseph persevered through each challenge and disappointment until he was fit to be trusted by God, so that he was in a position to be used to save many from starvation and extinction. Funny how after a trial, when we have held faithfully to the grace of the Lord, we sometimes see the why or the meaningfulness of our troubled circumstances.
 And we are glad!
We’ve become someone we never knew we could.
Stories internalize themselves into our thoughts and pattern how we view the world and our circumstances. The Bible is like a road map, which can lead our way through the brambles and weeds of difficulty, so that we can follow the footsteps of Jesus the Creator. He is the Author and Finisher of our Faith. I invite you to peruse the true, short stories in the Bible, to gain strength for your journey and peace and joy for your divine appointments.

What is that you say? Oh you do have a story!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Devotions...a Teaching

Devotions…a Teaching
What is Devotion….
What comes to mind when you hear the word “devotion?” Do you possibly think of an intimate relationship, one fortified with loyalty and undying love?  Is this an image that strings a smile across your lips while bringing happy memories or expectations across your minds eye?

The vision I see when considering a devoted family member or friend is someone completely faithful and eager to share their life and experiences. This would include someone without guile, who is willing to help and understand and ….be in my presence. All those qualities fit being devoted, because that’s what it takes when committing ourselves to knowing someone on such a deep level.

When I’m writing devotions for the Lord, I’ve felt worshipful….there is just no other word to explain the thrill and joy I’ve experienced when I’ve sat at His feet to adore Him. Exploring the Word and His presence and cuddling close to a new concept allows me to know him more.  Oh to be aware of His greatness! We were created for fellowship, imagine that!  He longs for our fellowship and gives us so much better than we can ever return back to Him, even before we ever consider Him worth a speck of our time.
Opportunities for Writing Devotions…
Publishers –Devotions I’ve purchased or received as gifts:
Ø  Summerside Press  www.
Ø  Whitaker House
Ø  Barbour Publishing
Ø  Infinity Publishing  (Self-Publishing)
Ø  Live Sentence Publishing LLC (Self-Publishing)

Others listed in the Christian Writer’s Market Guide 2014  (Jerry B. Jenkins)

Ø  Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas  - niche devotional complications considered.
Ø  Bethany House/ Revell/ Baker Books/ Chosen etc.
Ø  Guideposts
Ø  So many more locations listed in the Writer’s Market! Take a Peek!

Types of devotions:
In the body:
Ø  Experience – The body of the devotion expresses the writer’s experience in the form of a short story.
Ø  Christian Theology  ex. (Andrew Murray Dod’s Best Secrets)  & (Oswald Chambers My Utmost for His Highest)  
Added extras:
Ø  Quoted – These include a scripture quote or a person’s quote at the top or the bottom of the devotion. Some devotions have two scriptures or may have a bible and famous person quote.
Ø  Prayers – I’ve seen prayers located at the bottom of the devotion.
Ø  Chris Kincaid’s The Christmas Story  in 40 Days has lines which invite the readers thoughts.

As you can see there are many ways to write devotions. The most important consideration is how you wish to express this type of worship. Then you need to seek a publisher who is looking your layout style or else you can adjust what you have to fit their needs.

Happy writing!