Friday, May 15, 2015

Room - For An Excellent Book!

Tea Time Ladies - Some of us have read this book and others are planning to! 
Pen's of Praise Writers Group have read it and enjoyed it also! 
We are all looking to read more from James L. Rubart! 
Need I say more...Well, okay, let me just tell you this...

A novel by James L. Rubart

James Rubart’s tale reaches the very heart of the reader. It is smooth, seamless really, in his delivery of an unforgettable story. You will either love Rooms or not, but I must say there is no middle ground. How does this sound for an intriguing plot…

Seattle software tycoon, Micah Taylor, discovers that the house of his inheritance, left to him by an uncle he never knew, is a physical manifestation of his very soul.

Micah Taylor’s life takes on twists and turns, which never left me stranded or confused.  But I was very curious throughout Micah’s story. The richness of Rubart’s characters, setting, and mystery kept me ever unbalanced and groping for that next turn of the page. I’ve never encountered a novel that caused me to examine myself so deeply and one that softened my heart so gently as this one did. In my opinion, this is the epitome of what fiction should be.

Rooms—should you read it or shouldn’t you? Is it a novel for anyone? Yes, read it and yes, if you give room to Rooms you will never be the same…in a good way! When I contacted James Rubart and asked if he would allow me to interview him and offer a book give-a-way, he was most gracious. I had already loaned my copy to a young man, so I mentioned that I’d send him questions after the holiday. Easter vacation came and went and I’d asked the young man if he’d read Rooms or if he was in the process of reading Rubart’s story. He’d not started the read yet, so I said to him, “Don’t crack that book open—if you do you won’t give it back to me  to do this interview/report/give away!” He laughed…he didn’t realize how serious I was!

I’ve told my friends and Pens of Praise Writer’s and Reader’s Group about this novel. Many of them have now read Rooms and I’ve not heard anyone say that they didn’t like it. One friend’s husband couldn’t put it down and yes, he read it straight through. Once a person discovers the curiosity of this read, the sheer delight, or heart pounding concern for the characters…especially Micah Taylor…I imagine they will put it on their re-read shelf and write it in their ‘tell the world about it list’…just as I have.

I’ve never read a novel like this one…and yes, I do hope to do so again.
Rooms is most definitely one of my favorite novels of all time and I know it will always be so. How do I know this…I know it because I gave it a chance and I was delightfully pleased at time well spent. Thank you James L. Rubart for this amazing read!

At the end of this novel are fifteen discussion questions, which would be a wonderful tool for a reading group to enjoy.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother’s Day!

Wishing my mothers on earth the best ever day! Mom Kay Bryan Hugs galore! Mom Kinney hugs to you also! I love you both and wish you happiness and joy-filled memories to grace your day!

Wishing my mom in heaven a hug and smile! I miss you mom! I look forward to seeing you someday in the by and by! J

I appreciate Mother’s everywhere who have selflessly given of themselves and loved their children through thick and thin! 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

What’s For Dinner, Lunch, or Breakfast? Smoothie!


If I were to write a book about food, I think it would have to tell about my journey of what 
or how 
I come up with breakfast, lunch, or dinner in the first place. 
So for this first post I will start with what I've been enjoying for BREAKFAST! I wanted 
something fun, healthy, and less fattening! 

So, starting with a tablespoon of PB2,  a powdered peanut butter, 
which has 85% less calories
--Woo Hoo!--
 I added 1 tablespoon of Jello pudding's flavor was vanilla. Placing 
some ice cubes and frozen banana chunks in the Ninja.
 I then collect my other ingredients! 
My stomach starts to grumble in 

Today's fruit included what was left over in the frozen blueberry bag and some 
strawberries. I pour around a cup of purified water--give or take a little and 
also some Almond Milk. 

Talking with Kristin at work... I took her advice and added some Flax Seed. 
This pouch is a mix, which included dried much you ask? 
Well, this is my first time and I do have 
an event to plan for today, so I put in a teaspoon! 
Yes, I'm being careful! 

I like mine thick. 
This tricks me into thinking that I'm eating something luscious like 
ice cream!

I top it off with purified water chilled with ice cubes and frozen strawberries! 
So what are you having for breakfast?

Monday, May 4, 2015

Mother's Day Dessert & Jewelry & Fashion Show at Manitowoc Coffee


SATURDAY, MAY 9     AT  6:30 – 8:30


Bring your mom, daughter, sister, aunt,  friend, husband, son, or son in law or
 just yourself…we have all had a mom! Let’s celebrate!

Sample many homemade

$10.00 a seat—proceeds go to support the adoption of two Haitian children.  Speakers will highlight an adoption journey. Ashleigh Becker’s jewelry and a children’s’ fashion show are featured . You may purchase jewelry if you’d like.

Raffle, door prizes and fun!