Thursday, June 16, 2016

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The Hearts We Mend By Kathryn Springer

Hummmmm, that’s the sound of my humming heart, expressing gratitude for reading this novel deftly written by Kathryn Springer. Just when I thought I’ve read the best one she’s ever written— she writes again and wins my favor!

Evie Bennett’s experiencing the empty nest, because Cody, her son, is about to tie the knot! Then tattooed Jack Vale drops some sparkle dead center in her path and upends her world!

Evie, steps away from the pages of the first Banister Falls Novel, Dandelion Fields, to become this story’s heroine. She won my heart from page one. I found myself cheering her on! Come on Evie! Hang in there! Jack, the hero, peels off the page to stand before the reader in all his appealing qualities and faults. Who is that man??? Kathryn, can you write more like him?  Delightful people pulse off these pages that reveal such a unique and interesting plot. So much is at risk when hearts need healed. I love this second Banister Falls Novel and I dearly hope that it isn’t the last.

This author’s voice is one that pleases me deep inside. Just the mention of Kathryn’s name, and novels she writes, brings a smile! Thank you, thank you Kathryn for your excellence in writing and the depth of understanding you had for these human hearts involved. You bring a story that doesn’t leave me when the next read comes along. This novel inspires the best in me, because I’ve seen how the layers of excellence were wrestled with by your characters. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that this will become a favorite read for many, which will rouse individuals to step into a bit of heroic excellence themselves.

This is the perfect novel for young adult or middle aged reading groups because of the story content and discussion questions included.

The Hearts We Mend by Kathryn Springer was sent to me via Zondervan Publishers for my review. In turn, I provided an honest account of my feelings and insights about the quality of this novel.


Kathryn, what inspired you to write the story?

After The Dandelion Field (the first book in the Banister Falls series) came out last year, I got feedback from some readers who didn’t particularly care for Evie Bennett! I knew there were reasons why she reacted the way she did and I felt it was only fair to tell her side of the story!

How do you write such wonderful characters? Is character development your super power?

Thank you, Sue! Blushing hereJ I spend quite a bit of time getting to know my characters before I start writing but as the story begins to unfold, they always end up surprising me!

Please tell me there will be another Banister Falls novel!

I would love to write a third book featuring Maggie McClain and Officer Ryan Tate (I’ve been married to a police officer for 28 years so I totally have a soft spot for a man in a uniform!) But right now, I’m working on the second book in my “Bachelor” series for Love Inspired. The series is set in a small town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and it’s about three brothers who run an outfitting business.

What kind of take-away do you hope your readers will get from reading this novel?

Jack Vale, the hero, lives his faith. He reaches out to people from all walks of life. I’m inspired by his example because I think there are a lot of people who are lost and hurting and need someone to show them that they matter to God.

Will you share one of your favorite recipes with us now? I was sneaky right here!

Okay, I’m going to be sneaky right back! I always post my favorite

recipes in my quarterly newsletter so stop by my website at and sign up! It’s confidential and it’s free!

How long have you been writing?

I was about ten years old when I wrote my first “book” about a talking horse (I was a huge Marguerite Henry fan!) I was the kid who actually liked writing essays in English class but even though I dreamed about becoming an author, it didn’t seem like something a girl from a small town could achieve. It was definitely a step of faith to respond to God’s nudge and submit that first manuscript!

Where is your favorite place to write? A coffee shop or at home or on the beach?

I REALLY wish I could say a coffee shop or the beach. Those sound much more romantic and “authorish” (I just made up a new word!) But I’ve always done my best writing at the computer in my office. My best “plotting”, however, happens when I take a long walk in the sunshineJ

How do you want readers to connect with you?

I love to hear from my readers! You can visit my website for a complete list of my titles (and sign up for my newsletter!) or LIKE my Facebook Author Page at kathrynspringerauthor. I post updates on new releases and offer special giveaways on both sites, so check in often! My next giveaway will be “Christmas in July” and you could win a copy of all my Love Inspired books that have a Christmas theme! Watch for it!


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