Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Patchwork of Promises by Gayle C. Ottemiller

I had the pleasure of receiving A Patchwork of Promises by Gayle C. Ottemiller this past weekend and was thrilled at its unique delivery for encouragement and information. Truly, any quilter, whether you are experienced, novice, or a wanna-be (like me) will love this devotional book. In fact, anyone who had a quilting friend or relation would be warmed by the stories shared in these devotions. As I read these, I was reminded of my own sweet memories and I believe you will think of yours also!

 I know that you should read one devotion per day, but I read three at my first sitting, one right after the other. I appreciated the Living Bible or The Message scripture used to start the devotion and then again at the finish to state God’s promise. What spiritual delights wait for anyone who would read A Patchwork of Promises

Perusing these pages, I discovered a sweet simplicity that stirred my emotions with stories of quilts and the people connected with them. Some stories told of thoughtful mothers and others were about givers who’d never known those to whom their quilts would bring comfort.  I felt that the scriptures used in this book were powerful and useful for anyone at any spiritual level. The topics were engaging and memorable, for though I read these late at night when my brain usually does an information dump…I’m still savoring their sweetness and the power of the message they conveyed.

The added plus is the information stitched into the devotions about quilting. I eagerly wrote those tips down for my ‘someday’ when I hope to start a memory quilt for my family. In a few words, I would describe A Patchwork of Promises as unique and inspiring, a book that touches the reader’s spirit, soul, and delight for quilting. How many fortunate people will be wrapped in the quilts and love inspired by this worthy read….innumerable I hope! I highly recommend this devotional for your personal use or for gift giving!

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