Friday, January 16, 2015


Whoo Hoo! The holidays are behind us and maybe we can slip into our regular lives for a while. I'm glad to be back here with you to share a moment or two. My friend Beth Ziarnik tagged me with these questions! How may of you knew me this well? I do hope I surprised a few of you!

1.    Of all the pets you've had, which was your favorite and why?
I’ve enjoyed the company and love of so many pets. Dogs, cats, birds, and a  flying squirrel- who happened to pick our home for his/her residence. My favorite one, oh that is a toss-up for sure. My Scooby-Doo was a Chow/Sheltie mix and he’d spent ten wonderful years with us. He was so full of personality and loyalty and I have many favorite memories of him. He was my cuddly wonder and always showed such spirit!  Presently, Porschea, our Leonberger holds center stage. She is 150 pounds of ever-be-a-puppy dog. Porschea is intelligent and we enjoy her quirky personality. So, you can see why that choice is challenging indeed…Can I pick both of these treasured friends for favorites? J Oops, I believe I did just that!
2.    Would you say your life now is good? Why?
Yes, my life is quite good…excellent really. God has blessed me with many loving family members and great friendships—yours is among those Beth! I find humor and adventure all around me, which mingles well with my purpose for this side of heaven!
3.    Of all the places you've lived, which did you like the most?
Hum, I associate the places I’ve lived with the people I’ve been so fortunate to befriend. I treasure my family and friends from all places that we called home. Most of all as far as climate and location goes—I enjoyed the warm weather and big, sunshiny skies in Texas, even though it was only for a few months.
4.    What's the best job you've ever had?
Being a teacher’s aide for at-risk students has become my most rewarding profession. The students teach me so much and test me…my patience and imagination! They offer so many surprises and inspire me each day.
5.    What's your favorite memory of growing up?
Visiting my grandma for a weekend sleepover is a prized memory for me. I got to know my grandma on a more personal level. I helped her bake biscuits, discovered dry ice for the very first—ouch—time! I witnessed her wisdom, kindness and respect toward a family that was experiencing troubled times. My heart warms each time I pause to remember….
6.    What event in your life has had the greatest impact on who you are today?
I would say that accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior—more than thirty years ago—has impacted me more than anything else ever could. I do have a blog post on my describing that memorable night. Yep…I’ve never been the same after that!
7.    What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you?
I’d have to say that my sister, Pat, and I’ve gotten into a couple laughing jags where we almost never caught our breath again. We just started laughing over silly things and the momentum of our laughter took on a life of its own! Thank you Pat for our special times of laughter and joy! You make my life sparkle!
8.    What one word or phrase would you use to describe yourself right at this moment?
9.    What's your favorite book and why?
I’m so very glad you asked this question Beth. The Founder’s Bible” New American Standard  version with Signature Historian David Barton is my favorite book. This Bible has both the old and new testament, but also includes quotes and relevant history of our great nation. Information showing that God’s Word influenced and inspired our founding fathers as they wrestled with ideas when creating our constitution and other important documents gives me hope for our future. What a rich history our United States of America has, so influenced by the Word of God. This precious book shares the treasure of God’s Word, while including gems of history about these United States—wonderful combination.
10. Who is your hero or heroine and why?

Jesus is the ultimate hero for sure for reasons you all can imagine and understand. On earth I’d have to say Joseph from the book of Genesis. His ability to hang on through all circumstances, though he didn’t know how or when or if his circumstances would change intrigues me. Joseph’s loyalty to the Lord though thick and thin and his forgiveness toward his brothers and others who did him wrong was stellar.

My 10 questions to Becky McLafferty are:
1.      What is the name of your favorite Alpaca? Why?
2.      What is your favorite hobby or activity? Why?
3.      What is your “word” or “scripture” for 2015?
4.      What is your favorite dessert?
5.      What novel has impacted your life more than any other?
(Yes, that is a mean, mean, mean question,
because there are soooo
many GREAT writers! Let’s see if you can name just one!
Ha ha!)
6.      Where is your favorite vacation spot?
7.      What is your favorite genre to write?
8.      What advice do you give to those who write or journal?
9.      What is your favorite ice cream?
10.  What character trait do you most appreciate
in a friend?

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