Saturday, January 17, 2015

Truths Resemble Trees
A Matter of Devotion
By Susan Marlene Kinney
“Truths resemble trees — some ripen in a short time, while others require half century or more to bring to perfection. But the seeds of the latter must be planted, as well as the former, by somebody…”1 Dr. Benjamin Rush from a letter to James Madison.
Remember a time when you were mistaken…about an event in history, mishearing a discussion, the local news, or about the character of an individual. Now, put yourself in the spot of the person who has been misrepresented. Ouch, right? Misinformation can snowball over time by starting small and then rolling down the pathway of conversations and opinions until a huge lie crouches at the bottom of the valley… of decision possibly?

Research matters and truth can most often be uncovered by the persistent and very unyielding attitude we writers must have while laying the foundation for the setting and historic events we paint with words. For in reality, we are representing Him and our words effect the populous—that don’t need to have another reason/excuse to miss Him.

Recently, I admit to wondering about the character of George Washington. I judged him in my mind. Why would a Christian be involved with another religion, which is deistic? Then I discovered the historic truth about Freemasonry. Early American Freemasonry was exclusively Christian in its nature and practice...2, until 1813 when it became corrupted. “Speculative Masonry,” grew, which demoted Jesus to “making no mention of Him3.” George Washington was an inactive member, only attending one or two meetings in thirty years.  He passed away in 1799—need I say more? My heart thrilled in the discovery that the 16% of the founders, who were Freemasons, were not attached to the teaching of Gnostics, Druids, Essenes, Kaballah and other long-dead cult beliefs when they devoted themselves to fighting for our liberty.

Truth and liberty—we cannot have the latter without the former. This world says, “You’re not important. No one wants to hear what you have to say. Life holds no meaning. Everyone has their own truth. Don’t mention Jesus.” Are you willing and inspired to shoulder a lie out of the way for someone else’s liberty? No one can tell the story that you can. Take courage and pick up the pen…of truth. Move cautiously, with tenacity and not just verisimilitude. Dig deep for then the fruit of your labors will be sweet indeed.

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all. Amen. Revelations 22:21 (The last verse in the Bible!)

1David Barton, Benjamin Rush: Signer of the Declaration of Independence pg. 192 1999
2David Barton, The Founder’s Bible: The Origin of the Dream of Freedom pg. 2079
3Tom McKenney, Please Tell Me 1994 pg. 164 Mentioned by David Barton, The Founder’s Bible: The Origin of the Dream of Freedom pg. 2080

Verisimilitude – The appearance of being true or real. Not supported by evidence. 


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