Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Devotions...a Teaching

Devotions…a Teaching
What is Devotion….
What comes to mind when you hear the word “devotion?” Do you possibly think of an intimate relationship, one fortified with loyalty and undying love?  Is this an image that strings a smile across your lips while bringing happy memories or expectations across your minds eye?

The vision I see when considering a devoted family member or friend is someone completely faithful and eager to share their life and experiences. This would include someone without guile, who is willing to help and understand and ….be in my presence. All those qualities fit being devoted, because that’s what it takes when committing ourselves to knowing someone on such a deep level.

When I’m writing devotions for the Lord, I’ve felt worshipful….there is just no other word to explain the thrill and joy I’ve experienced when I’ve sat at His feet to adore Him. Exploring the Word and His presence and cuddling close to a new concept allows me to know him more.  Oh to be aware of His greatness! We were created for fellowship, imagine that!  He longs for our fellowship and gives us so much better than we can ever return back to Him, even before we ever consider Him worth a speck of our time.
Opportunities for Writing Devotions…
Publishers –Devotions I’ve purchased or received as gifts:
Ø  Summerside Press  www. summersidepress.com
Ø  Whitaker House  www.whitakerhouse.com
Ø  Barbour Publishing www.barbourbooks.com
Ø  Infinity Publishing  www.infinitypubllishing.com  (Self-Publishing)
Ø  Live Sentence Publishing LLC  www.lifesentencpublishing.com (Self-Publishing)

Others listed in the Christian Writer’s Market Guide 2014  (Jerry B. Jenkins)

Ø  Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas  - niche devotional complications considered.    http://lighthousepublishingofthecarolinas.com
Ø  Bethany House/ Revell/ Baker Books/ Chosen etc.
Ø  Guideposts   http://www.guideposts.org
Ø  So many more locations listed in the Writer’s Market! Take a Peek!

Types of devotions:
In the body:
Ø  Experience – The body of the devotion expresses the writer’s experience in the form of a short story.
Ø  Christian Theology  ex. (Andrew Murray Dod’s Best Secrets)  & (Oswald Chambers My Utmost for His Highest)  
Added extras:
Ø  Quoted – These include a scripture quote or a person’s quote at the top or the bottom of the devotion. Some devotions have two scriptures or may have a bible and famous person quote.
Ø  Prayers – I’ve seen prayers located at the bottom of the devotion.
Ø  Chris Kincaid’s The Christmas Story  in 40 Days has lines which invite the readers thoughts.

As you can see there are many ways to write devotions. The most important consideration is how you wish to express this type of worship. Then you need to seek a publisher who is looking your layout style or else you can adjust what you have to fit their needs.

Happy writing!


  1. Sue Kinney! you little goof ball! I can't believe you included my devotional here! What a sweetie you are!!

    I love not only writing all sorts of devotions, but reading them too. They are an intimate look into the writer's relationship with God. And can strengthen anyone's faith by letting them grow closer to God.

  2. Oh Chris! LOL! I love being the 'little goof ball"!!. You inspired Stephany H. with how you formatted your devotion! We handed your book and many others around for our writers to investigate. I think our precious Kathy is ready to take the plunge and write some of her own! :) Thanks my friend for the inspiration!

  3. Absolutely beautiful. It's all about the heart of worship. Love this one, Sue!

    1. Oh thank you Debby! Yes it is all about Him! :) We are so blessed!