Sunday, August 17, 2014

Winner Come and See!!!!

Winner of Ruth Logan Herne’s novella,
Loving the Lawman
Aria Ray is assisting me as I cut the names of our contestants apart and put them in
the bowl. My daughter Vanessa is taking the photos for us and we are so grateful!

 Aria hovers over the bowl, uncertain of what is expected of her. Will she pick the right name? Will she scoop up all eight names at once? We watch with bated breath.....

Her hand finally reaches for the paper in the bowl and pushes them around. My heart is just beating...who will the winner be?

 Come on Aria...pick one!!! I can't hardly wait!!!!  Oh, she picked one, only one. Drum roll everyone.... who is the fortuante winner of Ruthy's book, Loving the Lawman?

The winner is......

 Jill Stengl!! Congratulations Jill! Aria and I are happy for you and look forward to hearing what you think about Ruthy's novella! I will need to recieve your email, so that I can get it to Ruthy. Then she will mail out your novella. Whew!  After such excitement we decided to attend the Rodeo in De Pere, which after the noise and comotion started was far too much for our little lady! What an exciting day for our six month old girl. :)


Thank you Vanessa and Aria for your help in finding our winner! I'm sure Jill will be as thrilled as I was to win such a wonderful novella!



  1. What a cute idea having the grandbaby pick the winner. The pictures are so precious.
    Have a great week and congratulations to Jill.

    1. Hi Chris! I had a dream about Aria and was just missing her so much! Then I needed to take the winner photos and just thought wouldn't that be cute to have Aria help me out here. There are twins on the cover of the book! LOL so it REALLY worked! :)

  2. Oh my gosh I could just squish her!! What a doll!!

    1. Oh she is so cute and just learning to cry if you put her down! She smiles so sweet when she thinks crocidile tears work! LOL!! Ruthy's book deals with having a couple of babys...I refuse to say more! So Aria was thrilled to help!! :)

  3. Oh, how adorable! Thank you so much, Aria, for picking out my name. LOL My email is, and I look forward very much to reading this fun book!
    The rodeo looks like lots of fun too. We are in Houston, TX, right now, and I wish I could see a rodeo while we're here. :-) Thank you, Suzie!

  4. Oh Jill! Thank you so much. She is so much fun and we enjoyed working with Aria for this! We were both shocked when she picked just one name - yours out of the bowl!! LOL! What were the chances of that! I will get your address to Ruthy post haste! :) You are so welcome Jill and thank you for stopping by!