Monday, March 13, 2017

“An Admirable Scoundrel or Hero I Love”

By Susan Marlene

The character that drew my eye, the one that captured my admiration, is as complex as the making of an éclair. This male presents delicious layers of intelligence and ridiculous goof ups. He is sensitive and insensitive in just the right proportions. He is loyal and moral yet willing to bend the law because of his loyalty and love for his daughter.

When I first saw him, he was in a fight that produced a cut over his right eye—his prison friends’ ritual for leaving their penitentiary to re-enter society again. He moves in with a friend from prison. What is that—a rule breaker?  

This fellow comes from a position of weakness, though his is good looking and smart and clever he is unable to keep a legal job because of the felony he committed when exposing a wrong. Did he learn that doing two wrongs doesn’t make it right during his stint in prison? Certainly not in the beginning of this story.

He is presented an opportunity when his goal is to never “steal stuff” again. But to take hold of the opportunity so that he may redeem his name with his ex-wife in—order to see his daughter again—he must do exactly that. Steal stuff. But this stuff is under the protection of dangerous opposition. There are no guarantees and he actually eventually chooses to steal stuff to save society at large though risking his relationship with his daughter. Who is the hero I love?

Just a note from the éclair WEB page:

You might be able to find an eclair at every bakery on every street corner, but that doesn’t mean it came together in no time. This unassuming pastry requires the mastery of choux pastry, as well as pastry cream and the flavored glaze.

“Ant Man” – The incredible Scott Lang

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