Monday, August 8, 2016

Jiffy Day

Jiffy Day is a FaceBook author friend of mine. He has a remarkable story that I wanted to share on my blog. I welcome you to come and learn about this man’s unique story. I will be discovering his message along with you!  I’ve never had the privilege of reading Jiffy’s books. This is a first for me, for I have read the books in all other such posts. Time constraints have caused me to make this an author interview only and not a book review. Jiffy Day, it is time to find out about your story.

1)  What technology or programs do you depend on to write?
     Please bear with me now, I'm going to tell you not being able to read or write how technology come to my rescue. When I had the idea of trying to be a writer I knew about Dragon NaturallySpeaking, but a few years ago the technology was not up to the level it is today. So, I called the company told them my situation, that I want to be a writer. They suggested Dragon NaturallySpeaking premium 13. And the funny thing about that was they asked me where I lived. I told them Southwest Virginia. I think they actually programmed it for me--direct to my southern slurs and sayings, which really helped. And then after that, I call the geek squad and developed a working relationship with one of their representatives. He has been working with me all through the process getting ready to write my first book. That's how technology came to my rescue. The geek squad has worked with me and taught me how to use the computer to my advantage and as time went on I have learned how to be confident in what to do and how to work it. I asked the gentleman from the geek squad what I needed and did he know someone to do some proofreading. He gave me a young lady's name who came in and proofread my manuscript. From there, I went through one editor-- a nice lady, but didn't quite work out. Finally, I found a retired journalist from a newspaper in Salem, Virginia. She took my manuscript and brought it down to 294 pages and made it readable for everyone. From there, I self published to create space and I'm doing my own marketing. God has blessed me and opened many doors.

2)    Who is your target audience?
     I write about the subculture in the mid-70s in Southwest Virginia, Vietnam vets and their way of life during those times. And yes there's some marijuana growing in it, but it's also about a young man who becomes a Christian. He gets his character attacked. He does not know how to handle this without resorting to violence. He has to grow spiritually with the help of the grandmother to confront the wrong that has been said about him. Also, about a beautiful black girl who fell in love with a white boy in 1964 in Galax High School. A tragic love story. My target audience would most likely be baby boomers, Vietnam vet,s and people who come up through the late 60s and 70s.
3)    Is this a Christian novel?
     There are three different stories in this one book. Indirectly it is a Christian novel, but it deals with reality.
4)    Is this the typical Christian delivery of a novel? (Language and content?)
     This is not a typical Christian novel, it has content and adult language and adult issues with a Christian theme.
5)    Do your stories come from your imagination or experience?
     My story comes from my personal experiences and also with people that I have met through the years. Real life experiences--everything in my book--the growing season is based on reality and real people.
6)    Jiffy what issues do your novels address?
     Certainly the issues of life. It addresses race relations in the mid-60s also in the 70s it addresses abortion. It addresses first love and the pain of it I must say it again it addresses the issues of life.
7)    Since your operation, how appreciative are you about second chances for a longer life?
     Looking back since I'll be 67 years old, I appreciate the second chances and the favor of God on my life  and how many times has he spared me. Several instances are when I was being threatened with guns  and when having my stomach bleed before they discovered the tumor on my brain. I was incubated for 30 hours and was given five units of blood. They lost my pulse, but God saw me through. A year and a half later, they discovered the tumor and it was removed and God spared my life. These are more than second chances this is the mercy of God. I am a writer today because of his favor and his mercy and I thank him every day for it is he who give me this gift for I have done nothing to deserve it. There's no words that can be spoken to give him enough glory in my life.
8)    What amazes you most about your writing career?
     How God has opened the doors for me and the feedback I'm getting from people who are reading my book. I now have 15 five-star reviews on Amazon--unbelievable my readers are waiting for my next book! They tell me they can hardly wait on it. From the beginning, I asked God to open up the doors I should walk through. Also, for him to close those I should not enter, and give me the wisdom to know the difference. My book is surprisingly doing very well in Southwest Virginia. I would hope more people would read it. There's been some young people who like to read about my generation in Vietnam and the subculture in our way of life, through most of us never forgot God and his mercy. God is truly amazing and has showed me great favor.
9) Do you have fans contacting you and letting you know the impact you’ve had on their life?
     Yes, I've been invited to a luncheon with six of my fans in Galax who want to talk about my writing and get me to sign my books. One lady wrote on my Facebook that she can barely read the last few pages because of tears in her eyes, that gave me a sense of accomplishment, that people are liking what I'm writing and they won't to hear about my next novel.
10) How would you like your readers to contact you?
     My book is available on Amazon and Kindle and you can order it from my website. You can go to Amazon and put in The Growing Season by Jiffy Day. Amazon lets you read the first six pages and people can read my 15 reviews thank you again.

Thank you Jiffy Day! Your writing journey is very unique, interesting and inspiring! Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions I sent. I wish you the best of success and we both know that God is amazing and the journey with Him is never dull or pointless!

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