Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Largest Fish Story...(No Fish Included)

By Susan Marlene Kinney

     The earth tilted excessively, upon the great sphere’s axis, while winds sped into near tornado proportions.  Oceans sloshed over the pebble-divoted beaches, smoothing every ripple and sandcastle, as though they’d never existed. Waves swallowed up boardwalks and small inlet towns as they tossed ocean-going vessels like kindling one flings into a bonfire. The force of which smashed ships and homes as though the rooted trees they’d been built from revealed no history and had never supported life with broad leafy branches.
     Once the earth opened exposing jagged teeth from its very depths and spewed fire and molten rock with terrifying fireworks, never to be equaled, humanity began to tremble. And more than that, cry out—screaming for aid and pity.
     But, God shrugged His great shoulders, whirling compassion away with an uncaring jerk of His chin. Back turned, heart of stone…

And in the end times, when the earth groans with violence and misery and nothing pure and merciful exists upon mountains, valleys, or wind tossed seas…a lie will be believed that is even now permeating society. The heartless words declared will squelch that last ray of hope from those tumbling into eternal darkness, because their great shoulders and stubborn chins jerked away from His outreached hand. His tender heart provided all anyone ever needed to be enveloped into His embrace. 
But they will believe that He never cared.


  1. This is powerful, Sue!
    It's so very sad seeing how many people (even in our own country) don't believe. Those of us who are Christians have a mighty responsibility shining the Light everyday.

    1. Hi Patti Jo! Thank you for stopping by! Yes, we have the word of truth and hope to share and it 'tis such a responsibility!